The Great Eco-Hearse Experiment – How a Nissan Leaf Conversion Made Headlines


Eco-friendly, electric and hybrid cars have officially gone mainstream thanks to the technological advancements and marketing savvy of companies like Tesla.  A green approach to transportation is now pretty well represented in both passenger cars and public transportation vehicles.  But this green trend hasn’t made much of a change in the world of hearses and funeral cars.

The Converted Nissan Leaf

One UK funeral home, however, has launched an interesting campaign to change that.  Leverton & Sons operates out of North London, placing them at the epicenter of traffic and congestion.  The funeral home also has a reputation for advancing sustainable and environmentally friendly burial options so the idea of an eco-friendly hearse is a natural match.

Leverton & Sons teamed up with Brahms Electric Vehicles to create a fleet of funeral cars and hearses from Nissan ‘Leaf’ models.  The concept was a success and won the company the Best Green Funeral Director Title in 2013 and again in 2017.  They were also shortlisted for the Camden Business Awards ‘Carbon Reduction and Energy Efficiency’ category.

Critical success aside, the enduring popularity of the option has proven there is a market for environmentally friendly options when it comes to funeral transportation.  With the growing popularity of low and zero-emission vehicles, the market for eco-friendly options is clearly thriving.

While this project was an aftermarket modification it sends a clear message to auto makers and funeral car developers:  People want green options even after they’re gone.

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