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How the Rich Splurge on Funerals and Funeral Cars

A documentary airing in the UK has shed some light on how the uber rich shuffle off the mortal coil in style.  The show follows a funeral home that has catered to several flashy funerals.  The funeral home of AW Lymn in Nottingham has plenty of experience when it comes to these funerals – and the sometimes surprising demands of the rich when their time comes.

One funeral being prepared for a traveling family kicked off with a fleet of Rolls Royces and a double decker Routemaster bus.  When the flashy convoy arrived at the funeral, they had arranged for farmyard animals grazing outside and a red carpet leading to the funeral venue.  Matthew, a company director of AW Lymn, noted that traveling families in the area are often the ones most likely to ask for outlandish displays.  The community is known for its tight-knit relationships and when someone dies, they often have everyone chip in to cover the expense.

But they aren’t the only ones with requests that raise eyebrows:

  • A grieving mother of three asked for a glass coffin for her child.  She wanted a fairy tale themed funeral and the glass coffin was a nod to Snow White.
  • AW Lymn offers a Promethean casket that costs £19,999 (nearly $27,000) which is in demand as it was the one chosen by Michael Jackson as well as some other celebrities.
  • Even burial can be costly if you want a posh neighborhood.  In one popular North London cemetary, a spot runs £32,000 ($42,000) for a spot which doesn’t include the stone, which runs an additional £15-20,000 ($20 – 26,000)

Of course, funeral cars are one of the most obvious ways a person can show their status.  From horse drawn carriages to entire fleets of luxury automobiles, the rich definitely want to make their final ride one to remember.

Currently, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Hearse B12 holds the title as the most expensive hearse.  The amazing vehicle is 23 feet long and is powered by a Rolls-Royce 6.75-litre V12 engine.  It boasts high luminescence LEDs to illuminate the casket so that the dearly departed shines in the spotlight one last time.  When asked about the motivation behind the car, company spokesman Dario Andreotto explained the company wanted something “extraordinary, something that didn’t pass unnoticed and could not be matched by anyone else.”

They certainly hit the mark.  Of course, a final ride in the Phantom Hearse comes at a pretty big cost.  The car costs around €500,000 ($640,000), making it one of the most expensive cars in the world.

Clearly, the rich are used to finer things in life and expect only the best for their final goodbye.  What do you think?  Is splashing out for a big funeral just another way to celebrate a life well lived or is it a huge waste?