Warden Slaps Ticket on Hearse While Driver Leaves to Collect Deceased


Hearses and funeral cars often get special treatment when it comes to parking and traffic in general.  Funeral processions go through red lights and get the right of way at any intersection.  But one funeral professional recently learned that soft glove treatment isn’t always the default.

Recently, the London Metro reported an incident where an undertaker was ticketed while collecting the body of someone who had recently died.   A local bystander, George Portsmouth, was sitting near a window while visiting North Cumbria University Hospital in Carlisle, Cumbria, UK when he noticed a strange development unfolding outside.

He watched as a funeral car pulled up and the drivers walked inside to collect the body of a recently departed person.  As soon as the drivers went inside, George saw a parking warden come up and ticket the vehicle which was parked immediately outside the doors.  Granted, the car was in fact parked illegally.  To be fair, though, when transporting a body, it’s usually best that you don’t have to roll the gurney through the parking lot.

Check out the full story – including pictures of the warden slapping on the ticket and then running away – over at the Metro site.  What do you think?  Should funeral cars be forced to adhere to the same parking rules as everyone else?  Or does the work of collecting the dead override parking lot regulations?


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