Ever Wonder About the Harold and Maude Funeral Car?

Funeral car enthusiasts and cult movie lovers alike are extremely familiar with the 1959 Cadillac Superior hearse featured in the film Harold and Maude. Over the decades, the fate of that funeral car has been widely debated. Numerous people have come forward claiming to be the current owner, from celebrities to funeral car collectors. However, the popular funeral car club Grim Rides appears to have located the actual owner.

So Who Owns the Car?
The gentleman who currently owns the Harold and Maude funeral car has decided to remain anonymous. However, he met with the owner of Grim Rides and provided documentation that proves that his car is the one from the film. The letter that the current owner received from the Department of Motor Vehicles, giving the car’s history, is posted on the club’s website.

How Did He Get the Car?
The owner’s account of the story is also available on Grim Rides’ website. According to that account, some scenes from the film were shot in his hometown. He had the opportunity to view the funeral car up close on several occasions. After the film was released, he became an enormous pharmacy-no-rx.net fan. In 1974, he decided to track down the vehicle. He read the license plate from the movie screen and had a friend’s police officer father locate the owner. He then called the owner.

As it turns out, the owner was also a major fan of the movie. The pair stayed in touch over the next months, and when the owner was ready to sell, he offered the car to the gentleman in question. He was not yet old enough to drive, nor did he have the money for the car. However, his father came through and purchased the vehicle for him.

He drove the car regularly until 1977, and has had it in storage since 1979. At last, the mystery has been solved. As for the Jag hearse that was driven off a cliff at the end of the film? It was destroyed during filming of that scene.

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Check out This One-Stop Online Funeral Car Reference

Funeral car clubs are surprisingly common, both in person and online. Some groups consist of average workaday people whose interest in the macabre does not extend beyond their car collections. Others are more gothic types whose interest in hearses and funeral cars is symbolic of their larger interest in all things dark and spooky.GrimRides01

No matter which group you fall into, your interest in these fascinating vehicles is likely to extend beyond your own car. You may be interested in historic funeral cars, hearses in the movies or other funeral car-related topics.

If you are looking for a one-stop internet resource (besides this blog!) to help you find funeral car information, you can’t do better than the Grim Rides Funeral Car Club. Although the club’s membership is limited to those who live in the Northern California area, the website resources are available to everyone.  They have moved much of their content to various social media outlets and they continue to maintain their standalone domain.

If you are looking for a funeral car club in your area, Grim Rides acts as a hub for clubs and fans all over the country.   There are also links to funeral car pictures online, as well as a detailed list of funeral cars in the movies.


If you are still in the market for a funeral car, why not visit our friendly dealership? Once you have your new or used hearse, drop by Grim Rides to get in contact with others who share your hobby. The site is a lot of fun, even for non-funeral car owners like me.