Hell’s 17th Annual Hearse Fest


This year marks the 17th annual Hearse Fest in Hell, Michigan.  The annual event has become a popular gathering place for fans of funeral cars, custom and vintage hearses as well as those who simply enjoy funeral culture.

The event is slated to take place Saturday, September 15th and is organized by Just Hearse N Around, the local group of hearse enthusiasts.

This year, they have been going the extra mile when it comes to promotion since there will be a film crew on hand.  Film director Steve Shippy has arranged to bring an entire film crew to film a full-length documentary.  The crew will be focused on cars and interviewing owners as well as the culture surrounding hearses.

Vendors are also turning out in droves and are sure to appeal to everyone from serious professional collectors to casual fans and first time visitors.  A partial list of vendors already confirmed include:

  • Deadly Grounds Coffee
  • Crooked Seams by lindsay J
  • Nicole’s Disturbed on Canvas
  • Zachariah Messiah’s Morbid Curiosities
  • Grave Digger Candles
  • Dead Sled Morgue LLC
  • Hardcore Hearse Club
  • Voodoo Doll’s Accessories

You can check out the latest news and developments as well as posts from fans over at the Hell’s Hearse Fest Facebook page.

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