Hearse Legends and Urban Myths (Hearse Legends – Part Three of a Three Part Series)


We hope you have been enjoying our exploration of hearse stories and legends of funeral cars.  For our final installment of this series, we decided to do a small round-up of myths and legends from around the country.  Each of these legends has its devout believers as well as its cynics and skeptics.  In each case, the stories have been passed around for years – generations, even – and so have become part of the local culture and folklore history.

Archer Woods Cemetery – Chicago, Illinois
If you plan to visit this old cemetery at night, you may see a ghostly team of horses pulling a phantom hearse through the serene setting.  Those who have seen it report it’s an extremely frightening sight, but there are still those who say it’s nothing more than the result of some healthy imaginations.

Sleepy Hollow Road – Louisville, Kentucky
With a name like Sleepy Hollow Road, you would expect a plethora of strange occurrences. Several modern-day ghost stories happen along this road, including one story of a ghostly black hearse that follows cars that pass by. The hearse not only follows the cars, but it also causes them to run off the road and over a cliff. According to sightings, the hearse begins following as soon as you enter the road. It then increases in speed, causing the driver of the car to lose control until it plunges into the 30-foot ravine that runs alongside Sleepy Hollow Road.

American Fork Canyon (Wasatch Mountains, Utah)
Locals often mention American Fork Canyon when discussing haunted places in Utah.  The local legend says that people who drive in a circle three times at the top of Tibble Fork don’t leave the park alone.  Once the circles are done and people pull out of the parking lot, they see a ghostly hearse following them.

How do you feel about these legends? Are you a firm believer in them or do you just find them an interesting part of American folklore? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts or share your own local hearse myths and legends!

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