SHOP SMART: Get a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Before You Buy Online

If you are considering the purchase of a used funeral limousine or hearse that you found online and that is not nearby, how do you go about making sure the vehicle is up to snuff and in the condition advertised? Why, with a pre-purchase vehicle inspection of course.

eBay Motors and have teamed up to provide a service that allows potential funeral car buyers on to order a pre-purchase vehicle inspection and have the car inspected before they purchase it, but you don’t have to be shopping for used funeral cars on eBay to benefit from this independent inspection service.

There are many different inspection services now that offer on the spot inspections for cars and trucks.  They also offer services for specialty cars, including hearses and other funeral sedans.

Wondering what these inspection services actually offer?  Here’s a short list of what most offer as a part of their basic service:

  • Mechanical dysfunctions such as brakes, weak battery, shoddy belts and hoses, and fluid leaks
  • Condition of instrument panel
  • Rips and tears in upholstery or carpeting
  • Functionality of electronic components
  • Tire tread
  • Body damage or paint chipping
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Your vehicle inspector will also take your prospective funeral hearse or limousine for a test drive and provide you with digital photos to show you the condition of the vehicle you are planning to purchase.

Whether or not you are shopping online or from a trusted source for your next used funeral hearse or limousine, a pre-purchase vehicle inspection from an independent third-party is a sure way to reduce the chances of buying something you regret.