Funeral Driving Etiquette: What to Do When in a Procession of Funeral Cars

There is often a lot of focus on informing drivers what to do when they encounter a procession of funeral cars – but what about when you’re in the procession of funeral cars?

Here we’ve brought together some simple, straight-forward rules on what to do when you are a part of the funeral procession.  We’ve tried to address the most common questions and challenges so that bereaved drivers can act with confidence and understand what to expect from other drivers as well as what may be expected from them.

  • Lose the Lead Foot – Funeral processions travel more slowly than average.  expect to keep your speed at least 5 miles under the posted speed limit, including when you’re on the highway.  this is done to ensure everyone can keep up and stay together.
  • Filter Out the Flashing Lights – Since funeral processions travel more slowly, they may be have a police escort.  Try not to get distracted by the flashing lights.  Keep your eyes focused on the car ahead of you in order to keep up with the procession.
  • Turn Your Headlights On – This is so other cars can see you clearly and they are alerted that you are part of the procession.
  • Stay in Position – It is extremely rude to even try to pass the car in front of you while driving in the procession.
  • Keep Up With the Procession – If you fall too far behind, you may lose the other cars and all the cars behind you will be lost, too.
  • Use Caution at Intersections – Although funeral cars are allowed to go through stop lights and intersections, drivers these days simply do not pay attention and they could plow into you. Just take a quick look both ways to see if it looks like any cars are going to pose a problem before proceeding through the intersection.
  • Are You The Last in Line – If your car is the last in the funeral procession you should have two funeral flags and have been instructed to have your hazard lights flashing.  Sometimes this is not necessary with a full police presence.
  • Run the Light – Funeral processions are usually given the full right of way at red lights and Stop signs.  No matter what you encounter, do not stop if the car ahead of you continues to go.

These simple rules can help make the journey to the cemetery a bit less stressful.  if, however, you feel you are too emotional to drive, ask the funeral home about transportation options through their funeral car service.

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