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Getting Your Funeral Car Ready for Summer

There are often plenty of articles and information about winterizing cars, but what about steps that need to be taken ahead the onslaught of summer?

Hearses and funeral cars for family need to be kept in tip-top shape all year round and that means preparing for long, hot, sunny summer days.  Here are some quick tips on how you can get your fleet ready to weather whatever summer throws your way.

Test Your Air-Conditioning – Run the A/C for a few minutes in each of your hearses and funeral cars.  Be sure the cold air is strong and that there are no weird or foul odors.

Swap Tires if Needed – In some parts of the country, swapping out winter tires for summer versions can help improve performance and gas consumption.

Check Those Brakes – Winter traffic patterns often mean that brakes see extra wear and tear over the colder months.  Do a full inspection of your brakes to ensure you don’t need to have anything replaced.

Top Up Wiper Fluid – Make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid in your car to handle bugs and other windshield pests.  Since the weather will be warmer, you can also dillute your wiper fluid to help your budget.  Be sure to check the specs on whatever fluid you use so that you don’t dillute too much.

Check Under the Hood – While you’re topping up your wiper fluid, do a visual check on your other fluids as well as belts.  Check for belts that look dry or cracked and get them replaced BEFORE they snap.

Double Check That Coolant – Summer means heat and heat means your coolant levels should be spot on.  A coolant tester (available through any auto shop) will let you know if the water to ethylene glycol ratio needs adjusted.

Wash and Wax – Give your fleet a good wash and follow up with a wax treatment to remove any salt that may have built up over the winter.

Taking the time to go through these simple steps will ensure your entire fleet remains reliable through the summer.  Getting ahead of potential problems also keeps your overall costs low and gives you peace of mind.  Pretty much a win-win for funeral home owners as well as the people you work to support.


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