5 Reasons Your Next Car Should Be a Hearse


Looking to buy a new car and want something that’s unique, versatile, functional and a great deal?  Consider buying a hearse.  Before you shrug the idea off as something only for goths or hipsters, take a moment to consider these five solid reasons why a hearse could be a great investment.

  • One Owner and Plenty of Service Records – Funeral directors tend to buy their hearses new and they also keep up with general and preventative maintenance.  Since funeral homes rely so heavily on hearses, they keep them in tip-top shape and have the service records to prove it.
  • Truly a ‘Gently Used’ Vehicle – You’ve probably noticed that most funeral processions go slow enough to drive Miss Daisy.  Hearses are rarely – if ever – subjected to breakneck speeds or careless driving.  Hearses are such public cars and their drivers are under near constant scrutiny.  They’re also kept meticulously clean with details done inside and out as well as winterizing on a regular schedule.
  • Delivers a Comfortable Ride – Even for the Living – Hearses are often little more than modified sedans and, as such, they’re incredibly comfortable to drive.  Leg room aplenty and often with high-end appointments such as heated seats, Bluetooth capability and built in GPS, hearses are designed for comfort.
  • Plenty of Cargo Space – Want to refurnish your house from Ikea?  Hitting up every local garage sale you can find in the height of summer?  Picking up some 6 foot lumber for a yard project?  Need space for camping, festival, concert or tailgating gear?  A hearse has you covered.   You can fit plenty in the back without worrying it will affect the comfort of the ride in the front.
  • Performance Won’t Be An Issue – While hearses are generally driven carefully, that doesn’t mean they lack in performance.  Since they’re usually hauling some heavy cargo as well as dealing with the equipment installed in the back (more on that below), hearses tend to come with plenty of punch below the hood.

A Note of Caution

To be fair, while there are plenty of reasons to buy a hearse, it’s something you should consider carefully.  Buying a hearse may mean some initial investment in getting the car ready for mainstream use.  Many hearses, for example, have a ‘coffin deck’ in the back which makes loading and unloading a coffin easier.  This hardware will need to be removed and, quite often, the back will need to be carpeted or otherwise refurnished.

Driving a hearse is also something that takes some getting used to.  The cars a re longer than most conventional vehicles and people often find they have a hard time parking or even negotiating tight turns around drive-thrus and other areas.

Still, even with the challenges presented by hearse driving, the cars are a classic and they’re always guaranteed to turn heads.  if you want something functional and fabulous, a used funeral car is definitely worth considering.

About the Author

Stacy Jo
Stacy Jo is our reporter on the beat, covering everything from vintage hearses, events, etc.